Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thoughts, Art and the Heat

Summer starts. I know it will, and has. I wonder why I am even surprised.

I think it is the heat that drives us into a weird little place of deep thinking.

Anyway, I wish there was a more cohesive and eloquent explanation to all of this.
 I am cautious about everything that I watch online, and everything that I get feeded with. At the back of my head there's this hidden agenda of certain political issues that not even the smartest, most political people could nor would notice. Just the subliminal and unconscious deep that sometimes I find can be so concealed even by the main issues of a particular topic.
It is always good to have a certain degree of doubt even when you are feeded the truth.

The truth is the truth but the whole story is never absolute.

I will always have a little doubt in everything. I think skepticism is healthy.
I might just be a cynic, though I wonder what is more healthy between the too.
I think they are healthy at some certain extent.

I think if we all are skeptics with smiles on our faces and a bright, and positive attitude, that would make the whole world better.

Unfortunately, as individuals, we are given different kinds of perspectives upon our very personal and unique experiences. That shapes us into different beings.
And I notice that the more we age, the more limitations are put into our imagination.

As someone who does art, I find myself more uninhabited with art when I was younger, Though there was a lot to learn that time, the limitations were less in those times when it comes to doing art. The logic was lesser making the art have more freedom and capability even if the technique was lacking. The ideas weren't so limited by the logical restrictions.

It may not seem obvious but when you matur - more logic is being use and that affects art. Physics affect how we shape our art even if it is the subconscious. It may not translate into the major message of the art but it does with the little details. Proportion, distance. Physics affect us and our art.

We weren't so encumbered by physics regarding our art (and other crafts) when we were young. Unless that is actually science that we do. We were free doing unproportioned bodies and stick boies, flowers that fly in the air, clouds that are red an every other thing.

The child in each of us started out as an unrestricted genius that slowly became mellowed down by this plane of existence.

We could only wish for youth But youth not only means looking young, it is also that passion for life.
A passion that might dwindle for some of us. We need that special formula for that zest for life and a positive attitude everyday.

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