Monday, March 6, 2017


Sometimes In the awfully silent moments I find myself staring at my bare hand. Lots of lines.
What am I doing? What am I thinking? Am I the only one?
Just by looking at it, I could feel the reality, the raw truth of my existence saying "I am here. I am alive"

In retrospect, I find myself just thinking without limitation. I mean, Why would I think about every soul that has ever existed in this plane?
Why does death happen? I do wonder if we would be overpopulated if no one dies.

I don't want to think about life and death but sometimes I wonder what is the whole effing point.
I could go on and on about strange stuff that may seem inappropriate and awkward when it comes to humanities and our origins but no matter what I may think It all is just a whole can of worms that is really just pointless. Even if it is, I still acknowledge it through this little article.

We all hurt. We all are our experiences towards one another.
Kindness is a virtue but variety is nature.
So expect all the crazy stuff people do.

I have yet to expand my horizons. I want to try opening my third eye.

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