Monday, March 6, 2017

Fears and Illusions

There's no point in asking if our lives are worth living for.
It's meaningless.
It's pointless.
Just live every single day as if it were the last.

Go ahead, make mistakes.
Go many directions.
Don't forget to always follow what you think is right.
And don't forget to follow your heart.
But mix in a little thinking.

Time is an illusion.
Only use it when you have a deadline or some goal.
Do everything.
Seize the day.

Fruitless may be the fruition.
There is no loss in trying.
Only values and lessons

Failure is an illusion itself hiding behind a concrete result.
Fear is an illusion of the mind.
We all fear.
We all fear failure.

Let the wind blow
Let the rain drop
Let the leaves fall
Let the sun shine
Let the day pass
Let the night rest.

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