Saturday, March 31, 2018

Maybe A Moment's Frustration? What Should It Be Called?

This is going to be long and deep.

I woke up to people fighting. Aside from that, I am having an internal struggle from constrasting point of views, wondering how I should feel and which path I should take that is If I should be a slave to human conditions or not. But isn't it very human and just natural to react and respond to things that are coming our way? Even in science there's always a reaction when there's an input. Some teachings that I have learned have told me to not be a slave to human conditions. If we have something good happen to us, we react to that condition, if it's bad we also react. Whatever condition we undergo we become a slave to it and that is how we respond and feel. I want to cut these feeling of being under control by certain conditions. But how? If I strip these things from myself, Would I still hold my humanity? What makes us human?
What should one do? Society never taught us how. But what is a human being like when a human being is free from reacting to conditions that they were given?
Is it freedom? What is that feeling to longer be held captive by your emotions that were  dictated by the present situation and condition we are in? I am having a hard time with how I should approach this, even if the teachings tell me to just follow the path of least resistance. I don't want to be left with answers like "just go with the flow" or "take it easy" because even with those mindset I still will react. And the point is to stop reacting. And then we go back in circles asking what is left there if I stop feeling. It is hard to be forthcoming when you are frustrated.

I feel helpless and stupid.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I Am Asking The Universe.

I will not be embarassed and express what I so desire. Universe, I ask you to give me this man I will love and cherish for as long as he wants me to. I'll try to be more specific. I want a guy that has dark hair with some soft brown or blonde tones. Blue eyes or any light eyes like hazel. Slim-medium or toned built. Sharp nose like Chris Evans. 5'10 (that's just my height in heels) or taller. sweet, thoughtful and protective. Can carry me and throw me on the bed. Sees more to me than what meets the eye. This I solemnly ask Universe. Come to me. So mote it be.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Filled With Feelings Of Love

I am filled with feelings of love. I feel so much warmth inside. Anything is possible within by reach.
I am in the frontier of my dreams that are happening.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Everything is Happy.

Some people are miserable. You know why you are miserable? Because you don't know how to appreciate the things that you have. Have you ever thanked yourself for being alive? Thank the water? thank yourself you have complete senses? Be thankful! Life should be happy! EVERYTHING that Humans want and do is to get happiness as the result.BE NICE TO YOURSELF and everything will follow on. It starts WITH YOU. Not with some guy or some woman. I learned this the hard way. It starts with HOW YOU SEE THE WORLD. Not with how you see the world because you lack something in your life. MAKE IT WORK and the universe will make it happen for you!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I Found It. The Thing That's Simple Yet Seems Somewhat Hidden

I may not have a job, a boyfriend, a family that's in good terms with each other, I may not be rich, I can't even afford to buy my own shoes. But my life is perfect. I appreciate everything I have, and have experienced in my life, and everything about me. My life will just keep getting better and better. Every single time I find solace,I look and pause just anywhere and think I am grateful to be here. To exist. Grateful with every fiber of my being.Everything is beautiful. Every.single.thing. I went from a person who committed suicide 3 times to becoming this person I find so beautiful (in my opinion, at least) inside who finds light in every single thing. I am fucking proud of myself. I know the secret to life.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I'm always thankful.

I have been brainwashing myself for at least 2 months by watching videos of positive affirmations. law of attraction, gratitude, empowerment, and by looping recordings of abundance and prosperity.
I tell you, it works. I have never been so positive in my entire life. I am the most happiest person I can find.
And I tell you, my energy is very different now. It shines brightly, so bright that I can make someone smile with just being my loving self.
It may not mean much but positivity, gratitude and kindness goes beyond. It is so empowering so beautiful. Every single day I have a thought of gratitude or being thankful, and while I am riding in front of a jeepney whenever I go out, I force not to cry because of so much gratitude.
I am thankful for the things I am seeing, the jeepney is moving I see many wonderful colors. Thankful for the people moving, Thankful for the happy children riding on a jeep, Thankful for the many different faces of people whether they'd be happy or sad, knowing that when they are sad that their day can turn for the better. Thankful for the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Thankful for the wind that soothes my warmed skin, thank you for the sun that shines beautifully in all the places that makes vivid colors.
Everything is energy.
I am thankful for the internet I have, Thankful for my hands that I can type so I can share this wonderful message, Thankful for the fine weather and thankful that it is a quiet and peaceful night.
Thankful for the person who reads this, Knowing that they will have a time to think about what they have just read, being thankful and I hope they get to be thankful everyday Because it truly is amazing.
Listen to positive affirmations on your headphones at a super low volume, one you can't hear but there's some volumes there. It will get you nd when it does your life will change.
I am thankful for this website.
I am thankful with every fiber of my being. Everything that has happened in my life is a validation of who I am and I am only going to get better.
We will never be perfect because we will always have a room for improvement. We are continuously evolving creatures and we will never be complete because we always keep adding better and better things about ourselves. Follow your happiness. DO what makes you happy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Feel The Beauty.. Of Everything!

I'm not one for proselytizing, but for me, my experiences and my friends (who don't even follow it) the law of attraction is real.

My mother always says she has no money she has no money, always thinks about money. Not the lack, She just thinks about money yet always mentions money. LOL She renovated the whole house.
I love dolls, there's this  limited edition doll that i wanted but no means to get it here in my country but one day i was scrolling through groups someone was selling my dream doll and for a great affordable price. After just imagining it a few months ago,  logically I know i can't have it but I refuse to think that way and let the desire go and just be calm and surrender that and voila. then it arrived at my house after a few months.
I just know something what I want will come.

You desire something, you focus on it with good feeling, you imagine it. and do not let any negative thought break that good feeling thought and you let go and don't question the process of how it will come to your life. Just let it go and always think things and abundance will come always.  Logic is out. do not use it. the law of attraction will handle that how. For me it really does work.
and please if you're having a bad day SMILE. force yourself. and appreciate small things. just look at your hand. isn't it a wonder you can see your hand? they are nice. and so are the surroundings. take a deep breathe and bask the beauty... :)

Good thoughts  attract good feelings, Good feelings attract good things, good things attract a good reality, good reality attract a good life. and then you become that most wonderful and prosperous person you desire and you wish everyone is as positive as you and realize and cry how many times you felt stupid for being negative when there is so much more to everything than what we see, hear, taste, smell, touch and experience. See everything as beautiful. even the things you don't want. and everything will be beautiful. Everything is beautiful.