Monday, November 20, 2017

Brainwash Yourself

People don't realize this but everyday they are brainwashing themselves by what they are experiencing and being influenced by. Most people watch TV that has less emotional and intellectual value. News? nothing but bad news, I don't know why people digest all these bad news. Rarely good news. If you watch that for 365 days.. it becomes a habit. Why would people get involved in things that they are not directly involved or affected by?
People do not know they develop paradigms( patterns) on their subconscious mind. Now everyone is brainwashed that life has many problems. that life is hard life is hell. See?

Life is beautiful. Everything s beautiful. The bad is beautiful it made us who we are.Everything has purpose and there is no coincidence.
They teach  you being selfish is bad but it's not true, How can you help others if you can't be selfish enough to see what makes you happy, Only with one's true happiness they can help others and flourish.
They tell you that you are small and you are not the center of the universe.
But you are wonderful and you are the center of the universe. We all are.
Society teach you to divide but we are all the same. One love.

Do not worry about being incomplete. - We all are. Because we can never be done and we can never be complete because we are always growing. We are all imperfectly perfect. We always have room for development, We can always change.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Another day, another happiness

I am happy and I will always continue to strive to be happy.
I am one with the essence of happiness.
I appreciate everything.

Good day

Friday, September 22, 2017

Andreia Guerrero, 33 in 3 days.

I, Andreia Guerrero. Would honestly say that I am proud of myself. For being able to last this long considering the hardships of life being a transsexual woman. I have been bullied all through-out school, and have commited suicide more than twice, being used and treated terribly by people, by men, being negative and everything, have really come into being a person that I want to. I may not be a powerful, rich nor influential person, not a beautifully, drop-dead gorgeous woman with a perfect body. But aside from all my imperfections, I am imperfectly perfect and I am proud of myself for surviving 32 years and in 3 days 33 years of my life. You only become stronger everyday and you laugh of all the bad memories. Grateful for them because they made me who I am and my most powerful weapon that I share with you all is that everyone needs to smile everyday. Even at their darkest hour. It transforms you and makes you appreciate even the smallest of things. I love myself, I don't care if I am single for 8 years or probably for life, as long as I am happy and If I am not, I will always smile. To hell with it all. I am an effin' survivor that will always smile and always look at the beautiful side of life

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Songwriting Scraps 001

Everyday I'm reminded
of the air that I feel
Every passing day
I'm trying to open
the door to a sanctuary
that's within me

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

First Album Plans

I had an epiphany about what the theme for my first album should be. It is about love for one's self.
Finding love in yourself for me, is the very hardest thing to do. It takes time and it doesn't always go smoothly.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fasting: My Personal Experience

I am an experienced faster. If you want to remove your illness try a  3 day fast. Nothing , no food just drinking water.
1st day - hardest day to fight hunger- tongue white at the end of the day or 2
2nd day - a little fatigue or maybe some headache you still think of food
3rd day - you could vomit. tongue still white breathe stinks you
4th day - weakness. you could also vomit if you didn't the 3rd day
5th day - everything is almost clearing up you don't feel hungry at all
6th day - same as 5th day but do remember to take water always to avoid the headaches. but u don't feel the need to eat. and skin is clearing up.

that is how long I fasted. But only take soups and liquids first week of breaking the fast. And you realize your arthritis is gone and other illnesses. Clearer complexion. I feel someone my complexion was better.