Monday, March 27, 2017

The Return of Poetry

OK. So let's start. lol

I lay back and watch the ceiling.
After a morose and sullen evening
I sunk into a soft repose
Calming myself in white painted wood
With shadows placed gently
As the light from the distance emanates

Closed my eyes slowly
I can hear the calming silence
I visualize a new and different world
I have seen in the world that's awake

A sea. A calm sea.
I am amidst the sea.
It's blue and golden
As the surrounding was with gold and orange hues
I am stepping on yellowish white rocks
that seem to be beautifully placed daintily
Stepping stones as I watch my reflection
In the black and dark blue sea that has the most gentlest of ripples.
Ripping ever softly like a feather being swept away and smitten
by the muse of the air.

I find my reflection
It has no emotion
But a longing that everything will be alright
That everything is worth it.
That everything is beautiful
That serenity I could only find
When I visualize beauty.

Beauty that I have no knowledge of its origin
Just in awe of all that is beautiful and calming
Even if it's one of the most simplest of places
Of nothingness.

Just the black sea and white rocks.
and that reflection I could never figure out.
But I know that it is a good thing.
It is a beautiful thing
Something is telling me that it is.
And it will forever be in a place of
Beauty, Serenity and Peace.

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