Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Who You Are. Who You Truly Are

Fat, Ugly, Weird, Old, Creepy, or whatever it is

At the end of the day,
It's just an adjective.
It doesn't define you.

You need to see past the definition
To see your true self.

For who you are
For who you truly are.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

What Does Aging Gracefully and Well Mean?

What does it mean really?

Like if you have a certain wrinkle in the face that is not too obtrusive with the facial features?
How big is a wrinkle? How prominent it is?
The skin texture? What kind of texture should it be?

Is it just nitpicking?
Or do people see it on the face as a whole?
Or not just the face but the body?

Hmm, I am curious. These standards are too vague, It's all subjective. But still there's a majority.

Well, I guess looks matter.

Monday, April 17, 2017

An Idea About A Movement

I am thinking about starting or at least making an idea about a certain movement.
You know about garbage people just throw ANYWHERE.
Sigh. It never ends so I thought of an idea that is simple yet anyone could.

Maybe this is a movement, an idea or simply just a rant.

It basically is just about making sure that there is a garbage can/trash bin or whatever you call it
in the vicnity. Everywhere. For like 20 steps more or less (I don't know how to convert it to square meters but maybe 10-20 sq. m) There should be some can where people could throw their trash.

Sometimes I go out and walk and sometimes I see a dirty place and there was no trash can.
I think this is simple. I think this is one small step.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Story: The Book of Creation.

Once before time was discovered,
There exists a book.
It is a simple book.
It was a mysterious book.
It was a powerful book.
the most powerful book of all time.
It is not a good book.
It is not an evil book either.
But a playful book
It would let others write into it.
But It always disappears the moment it feels used.
Write anything and the book will do magic.
But after you write your desires, the book will disappear to another place.
The book, is always empty.
Once someone writes something, it disappears.
It doesn't judge, nor it doesn't look.
An aberration to some
A blessing to others.
It is not responsible for anything
It just is.

The Book of Creation.

I am.

I am a creative person, I guess It is not assuming and arrogant to say that I am an artist. I have sewed, stitched, embroidered, weaved, painted, sketched, stenciled, patterned, laid out, imagined, created, sculpted, crafted, designed twisted wires, decoupaged, modified, edited, photoshopped, youtubed, flashed, powerpointed, wrote, enhanced, sang, and danced through all the stuff that took my interest. What's missing is to finish the record track that I am producing and make a music video out of it.
martial arts too, if I weren't so lazy to move my body and weren't shy to be seen with sweat and being active then I would probably join a martial arts program as well.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Looking Back, Far Back In History

There is something about the past, a hundred, a thousand years ago.
The ancient history, medieval times, mythology.

It's just beautiful, the tragedy, the romance, the simplicity, sophistry, elegance, sadness, intricacies.

I am being chased by beautiful romantic moments that I would imagine, no matter how romantic or tragic they were. I could just picture them (or myself) in my imagination.

Maybe reincarnation is real? Well, who knows.

But yeah, th classic paintings, classic designs, faded designs, vintag stuff. everything antique-looking.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

WTF Is your problem?

Nagsimula lang lahat sa pagreklamo ko sa paninigarilyo mo sa loob ng bahay.
Wala ka talagang pakialam kahit kanino. Ang lagi mong linya: Wag ka makialam. Kahit kanino sasabihin mo yan. Kung ano ano pa sasabihin mo na walang kaugnayan.
Demonyo kang ate ka naituringan ka pa namang mas nakakatanda.

Di bale ng bihira ako maligo, at nasa kwarto  ako at gumagawa ako ng mga art kesyo pananahi, pagpaint, atbp. at wala akong lovelife dahil kuntento na ako sa buhay ko. Kesa naman sa iyo kababae mong tao hatinggabi kasama mga tropa mong masamang impuwensya naglalaseng kayo tapos lagi lagi mong hinaharass anak mo kaya wala ng respeto sayo lagi na din nakasigaw tulad mo.
Gagamitin mo pa ang excuse na lagi ako nasa kwarto. Eh marami akong pinagkakaabalahan sa kwarto online games, arts, crafts, surfing the net, anime. Palibhasa yung kwarto mo hindi mo linilinis ginawa mo na lang tambakan ng mga gamit na ilang taon ng hindi ginagamit. Kaya lahat
 ng tao dito kailangan maparusahan makita kang natutulog sa sala labas ang pwet at kulang na lang pekpek mo makitaan.

Hindi ako sobrang bored sa buhay ko na kailangan ko ang company ng iba di ako tulad mo. Marami ako kaya gawin just by being alone. Marami ako nagagawa. Mula noon ang laki na ng inggit mo saakin. Di naman ako ang inispoil ng magulang kundi ikaw. Di ko na kasalanan un problema mo na yun. Kung saan saan mo pa papupuntahin ang usapan Wag ka lang magyosi sa loob ng bahay dahil naamoy ko at ng mga bata. Simple.

Tapos pati ung tita mo na nagalaga sayo pag may sinabi lang sasabihan mo rin ng linya mong "wag kang makialam" Palibahasa hindi mo hinuhugasan sarili mong plato at un tissue mo ng pinagsingahan mo ng sipon tinatapon mo lang sa sahig. Nananadya ka na talaga. Sasabihin mo parin lagi "wag kang makialam" Pwes, habang nandito ako nakatira makikialam ako dahil ang talagang rule naman sa bahay ay para sa ikabubuti ng iba, Pero lagi mo ngang sinasabi "Wala akong pakialam" Pwes, wala rin akong pakialam sayo.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Focusing on Health.

Bought some coconut oil, vitamin E and C supplements.
I want to get better. I am positive more than ever.
And it is gonna get better and better.

More positive and more driven.
Sick and tired of being down so long.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Doll Embroidery and Dressmaking

I have been sewing and making dresses for dolls. I hope I get better.
I have been watching a Korean drama as well: Princess Hours/Goong

When I finish a work I could not believe that I actually made something out of pure determination.
My craft will improve. There is no space for fear and what ifs. I will make it work somehow.