Tuesday, May 23, 2017

First Album Plans

I had an epiphany about what the theme for my first album should be. It is about love for one's self.
Finding love in yourself for me, is the very hardest thing to do. It takes time and it doesn't always go smoothly.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fasting: My Personal Experience

I am an experienced faster. If you want to remove your illness try a  3 day fast. Nothing , no food just drinking water.
1st day - hardest day to fight hunger- tongue white at the end of the day or 2
2nd day - a little fatigue or maybe some headache you still think of food
3rd day - you could vomit. tongue still white breathe stinks you
4th day - weakness. you could also vomit if you didn't the 3rd day
5th day - everything is almost clearing up you don't feel hungry at all
6th day - same as 5th day but do remember to take water always to avoid the headaches. but u don't feel the need to eat. and skin is clearing up.

that is how long I fasted. But only take soups and liquids first week of breaking the fast. And you realize your arthritis is gone and other illnesses. Clearer complexion. I feel someone my complexion was better.

Friday, May 5, 2017

A Little Appreciation For Myself

I am a chronically depressed transgender woman.
I think looking back in my life, it probably is not the most exciting.
The sex was exciting before transition.
But with all the downs I am pretty much amazed at myself
For having created art that even I appreciate.

I really wonder how I lasted this long in the world
Now I choose to believe that everything is a miracle.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I have my own way of pronouncing Tagalog words..

Makati - Makaty (like Katy Perry)
Bilis - Veeh lized.
Kamay - Ka Mey
Laguna - Laguney
Baso - Base
Ampalaya - Ampalayey
Unan - You nan
malandi - Maleynd
kurtina - kurteyn
daliri - da lire (like the instrument)
lamesa - la mest
daan - da eyn
lalake - la lake (as in body of water)
babae - ba bey
baboy - bey boy
sahig - sa hayg
harang - haRANG
dumi - dumay
ewan - you wan
kadiri - ka dire