Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fasting: My Personal Experience

I am an experienced faster. If you want to remove your illness try a  3 day fast. Nothing , no food just drinking water.
1st day - hardest day to fight hunger- tongue white at the end of the day or 2
2nd day - a little fatigue or maybe some headache you still think of food
3rd day - you could vomit. tongue still white breathe stinks you
4th day - weakness. you could also vomit if you didn't the 3rd day
5th day - everything is almost clearing up you don't feel hungry at all
6th day - same as 5th day but do remember to take water always to avoid the headaches. but u don't feel the need to eat. and skin is clearing up.

that is how long I fasted. But only take soups and liquids first week of breaking the fast. And you realize your arthritis is gone and other illnesses. Clearer complexion. I feel someone my complexion was better.

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